Sexual Frustration, the yoush.

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Hayden Christensen (33), Happy birthday, 19 april


Hayden Christensen (33), Happy birthday, 19 april

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“I’m addicted to coffee (black), school, movies, books, and art. It’s funny how nothing is exempt from being called an addiction nowadays. As if these obsessions are taking me away from my “real” life. They are my fucking real life, so if I spend all my time on them, good, I’m glad I’m addicted.” 

Happy 36th birthday to James Franco (April 19, 1978)


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Happy Birthday James Mcavoy!

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Killian what is personal space” Jones

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Happy Birthday David Tennant!!

Thank you for being an amazing and inspiring human being. And for sharing your talents with us. You are an phenomenal actor and every role you play is nothing short of incredible. I love you so much and you will always be my Doctor. 

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"Augh, you’re so nasty!" [x]


"Augh, you’re so nasty!" [x]

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Tom Felton in the new series ‘Murder in the First’ airing june 9th(x)

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Happy Birthday, Brendon Urie!

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